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If you are ordering a condo questionnaire, please email ataylor@rosewoodmcs.com.

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Order Resale Documents

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Payment for documents will be processed at settlement. Please see below for fee schedule.

The following fees are set forth per Virginia’s Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation Common Interest Community Board (www.dpor.virginia.gov)

  • $141.31 for inspection of the exterior of t he dwelling unit and lot or interior of the condominium unit.
  • $211.96 for preparation and delivery of the documents in paper form OR
  • $176.64 for preparation and delivery of the documents in electronic form.
  • $70.66 additional fee to expedite inspection, preparation, and delivery .
  • $35.33 for an additional hard copy if requested.
  • $70.66 post-closing fee charged to purchaser to update records.
  • $70.66 for pre-settlement updates if required.
  • $141.31 for additional inspection if requested.