Management Services

Community Specific Planning

  • Management and financial transition planning and coordination
  • Existing governance policies assessment
  • Community financial condition review
  • Comprehensive, strategic review of physical plant and maintenance programs
  • Common property and capital improvements evaluation report
  • Association employee requirements recommendation
  • Board prioritized, goal oriented management plan development
  • Preparation of annual operating and reserve expense budgets
  • Administrative and maintenance calendar creation
  • Annual review of communication and governance effectiveness

Sound Fiscal Accountancy

  • Association income and expense and reserve funds transfer tracking
  • Monthly financial statement report preparation and delivery
  • Complete financial record maintenance
  • Timely review and response to owner account inquiries
  • Delinquent account notification and collection administration
  • Coordination with attorney to facilitate legal collections of delinquent accounts, lien recordation, and court appearances, when necessary
  • Assist in identifying third-party investment advisors and coordinating investment placement
  • Automatic debit system and bank lockbox processing for assessment fee collection
  • Employee payroll services coordination
  • Preparation for and assistance with annual audits conducted by third-party providers

Effective Operational Coordination

  • Assistance in Board’s identification, negotiation and employment of service contractors
  • Vendor performance evaluations and insurance certificate verification
  • Training, supervision and criteria based evaluation of association employees
  • Insurance claims reporting and administration
  • Preparation of regular management reports
  • Attendance at regularly scheduled board and annual meetings
  • Organization of committee development
  • Administrative support of committee functions and reporting
  • Local, state and federal regulatory requirement updates
  • Guidance in Board development of community policies and procedures
  • Advise Board on improvements in governance, accountancy and communication options
  • Administration of covenant and rules enforcement
  • Board leadership and management orientation for new and returning members
  • Guidance in effective meeting management
  • Monitoring of 24-hour, 7-day-per-week emergency response system
  • Establishment of community repair and request point-of-contact
  • Owner and resident database maintenance
  • Development and dissemination of association communications, including newsletters, meeting agendas, community updates and Web-based access to association information
  • Coordination of resident orientation program
  • Timely response to owner and resident concerns and questions
  • Governing document maintenance and resale certificate preparation
  • Arrange annual review of Association insurance policies, coverage, and pricing
  • Coordinate preparation and support for annual meetings and board member elections

Commercial Property Management

  • Financial Planning and Reporting.
  • Budget forecasting and development of maintenance and enhancement of property.
  • Contractor oversight and performance evaluations, contractor insurance verification.
  • Annual comprehensive strategic review of property and routine maintenance plans.
  • Routine common area inspections, and maintenance workflow adjustments.
  • Development and dissemination of tenant communications.
  • Administrative support for all property functions.
  • Meeting preparation and support for owner and tenant meetings.
  • Annual review of insurance policy, coverage, and premium.
  • Insurance claims reporting and administration.
  • Monitoring of 24-hour, 7-day-per-week emergency response system.

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