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What is the Homeowners Association or Condominium Association? Do I have to join/belong?

Your Association was established before the first home was built, and all homeowners are mandatory members.  The purpose of the Association is to maintain the common elements belonging to the Association, which may include grass and landscaping, tot lots, parking lots or streets, pools, clubhouses, etc.  Another purpose of the Association is to provide a framework by which each property must be maintained so that the community aesthetic and harmonious living between neighbors is protected.  

When you purchased your home you agreed to abide by the Covenants, or rules, of the Association and accepted the obligation to pay assessments.

What are Covenants?

The Declaration of Covenants is one of the governing documents of the Association.  The covenants detail the owners’ responsibilities, and most often set rules regarding landscaping, parking, home maintenance, types of vehicles, etc.  The covenants may be expounded upon with the Architectural Guidelines developed by the Architectural Review Committee.  

The Association may enforce the covenants with violation assessment fees, removal of common area access, or by correcting the violation and assessing the cost to do so by the homeowner — but the type of enforcement allowable is defined in the governing documents and State Statutes.

Who is in charge of the Association?

The Board of Directors, elected by the homeowners, is in charge of the Association.  They have contracted with Rosewood Management & Consulting Services, LLC to manage the day-to-day operations of the Association.  However, the Board is the ultimate decision-making authority for the Association.

How do I contact my manager?

You may reach your manager by telephone or email.  If you are not sure who your manager is, please call 703-778-4480 so that we may direct you to the appropriate person!

How do I order resale documents?

Per State Statutes, all new buyers must be provided with resale documents, typically ordered by the seller’s realtor.  You may order resale documents online at https://www.rosewoodmcs.com/request-a-resale-package

How do I pay my assessments?

For your convenience, Rosewood offers a variety of payment methods.  You may pay by check, credit card, through bill pay from your banking institution, automatic debit, or by making a one-time payment online.  Please visit https://www.rosewoodmcs.com/pay-online.  

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our accounting department at 703.778.4480.

Why does my community have a reserve account?

Every year the Board of Directors establishes a reserve contribution as part of your annual budget.  This contribution is transferred to your reserve account.  You can think of the reserve account as the association’s savings account to pay for repair or replacement of common elements — these may include playground components, streets and sidewalks, retaining walls, pools, etc. — anything the Association is responsible for.

The Association is legally obligated to have a reserve study conducted every five years.  The reserve study assesses the condition and useful life span of the common elements; estimates the cost to repair or replace; adjusts for inflation; and recommends the amount the Association must set aside each year for their reserve account.  The goal is to have the funds available when needed for repairs or replacements so that homeowners are not assessed a special assessment in addition to their regular assessments.

How can I get copies of minutes, documents, etc.?

The Association has a policy resolution called Privacy and Access to Records, through which you can request documents related to the association.  You may not request copies of another homeowner’s individual correspondence or account information.

Please email your community manager or call 703.778.4480 for a copy of the request form or for further information.  

What is an Architectural Application, and how do I get a copy?

The architectural application is the form each homeowner uses to apply to make an exterior change to their home.  Before starting a project, every homeowner must fully complete the form and the Architectural Review Board must approve the project.  Most Architectural Review Boards are allowed 30-60 days to make their decision, so it is important to plan ahead!

If you need a copy of your community’s architectural application, need clarification if a project requires approval, or have any questions about the process, please email arcdept@rosewoodmcs.com or call 703.778.4480.