About Rosewood Management & Consulting Services

Rosewood Overview

The Rosewood team has extensive experienced in the community management field and the know-how it takes to meet the unique and ever changing needs of each association, at a price your community can afford. We strive to provide our clients with unsurpassed customer service and assurance, that only comes through a hands-on approach that focuses on listening and collaborating with the Board of Directors.

Rosewood Management and Consulting Services LLC., is a boutique style management company specializing in community management and consulting services. We offer a wide array of community management functions that include but are not limited to basic financial, full service, strategic planning and consultation on special projects.

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We assist Boards’ of Common Interest Associations to appropriately and fully discharge the obligations required by their governing documents. Our primary goal is to provide reliable and dedicated professional service with integrity.

Our mission aims to ensure superior customer support by continuously being responsive to your needs and building successful relationships. Our extensive capabilities enable us to effectively handle the broad spectrum of community management required by both small associations and large communities. To complement our core management philosophy, we also support your community with implementing cost effective, auditor approved fiscal accountancy.

We are big enough to help you meet any challenge, yet small enough to care about your specific needs. We remain committed to providing excellent management service with integrity. Rosewood, where integrity is our motivation!

Management Philosophy

The Declaration and By-laws set forth the fiduciary duties of those elected to Association’s governing Board. Those duties normally include complete Fiscal, Administrative, and Governance oversight so as to preserve and protect, in perpetuity, those association assets which are owned in common by all of the membership. Sounds easy enough until you actually become an elected Director and find that in reality the tasks of administering an Association can be a little daunting, occasionally troublesome, and thanklessly consume vast amounts of a volunteer’s time.

Rosewood management philosophy views Management’s role as the Board’s collaborative partner, with keeping our role to administrative operations and teaching the Directors how best to promulgate policy, establish prudent fiscal oversight, think proactively, and act strategically. This process begins with a thorough review of the physical and financial requirements of the Association. From this review we develop a fiscally sound, prudently proactive management plan tailored to achieve the goals set by the Board for meeting the community’s needs. As objectives are met, our management services can be adjusted to meet the ever-changing needs of the Association.

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